Following up to forumer BSLee's...Came across this.

2 weeks ago, I got a call from a distance young niece in Malaise wanting to go 'pick fruits' in OZ...Like a blur squid, i agreed that it can be a new holiday experience, like farm stay, home stay, sanctuary stay etc..
when probed, i realised that it she wanted to go for a '5day holiday and then go pick fruits in farm"... ALAMAK, another tiu fei keh on the move.

Organised by a syndicate in Ipoh, she and many not so bright doe-eyed future fruit pickers are to pay a certain sum of moolah for 'processing fee, visa, airline tix and a possibly a place to stay'...Sounds good thus far? OK, it is going to be peak fruit season soon. Summer is acoming lah!'em irritating flies too!

So granted that Visa 417, 462, 007, 513, 2.6 allow for work, they are all under strict conditions. But to those even more blurer sotong than me, many continue to kena scammed like no tomolo too!

In pursuit of syurga, paradise , nirvana and a more blessed life, I wanna share bitter experience but i only have bar and road side pick up ones...

Anyone with fruit picking experience here? The legit sort I mean...Whats the minimum guaranteed wage and maybe i wanna go pick me some cherries too.

yg Blessed with cherries latotupai