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Thread: Is business nowadays good?

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    Is business nowadays good?

    last week i went to a Home Fair to look for a metal frame door plus grill ( most probably China made ) . Satisfied with the price and design, i was told to hack the floor 3 inches below and 3 inches side for door frame . i tell them to come to office to coordinate with the contractor . He answered " just tell them to follow our instructions and when completed, pay in full, we will come to install it, sure "ngam" one".I tell them is this the way to do business? I just walk off.The previous problem i encounter is you pay in full first, only they come.

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    Sad to say, I think they are correct.

    Most contractors/carpenter should be able to do such a simple preparation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naka View Post
    Sad to say, I think they are correct.

    Most contractors/carpenter should be able to do such a simple preparation.
    Oh well..all sorts of contractors these days, macam2 types who want/insist their own way of conducting their business. Some are willing to go the extra mile, some don't even flinch, take it or leave it basis. I suppose Jan met these kind.
    Don't like how they conduct business? walk away and find another that's more accommodating.

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    On the contrary, it seems like business is tough and they are less choosy now...

    My wall light at balcony was accidentally broken by cleaner, and need a replacement.
    I bought a Philips outdoor wall light from a shop in USJ Taipan. Only one item, they also arranged electrician to install and the charges is only RM35.

    Btw, talk about outdoor light, I find Philips stainless steel weatherproof outdoor light is good..

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    7,843 u know that in there Downunder certain cities, there is a good market or opportunity (other than friggin picking and chomping cherries lah) to be a hire gun to install iKEA furniture?

    My Oz friend, retired & bored stiff when sober, is a typical Ozzie DIY man, he can earn up up to AUD2K a week just to install those IKEA chairs, desks, tables, cabinets, beds etc for the blurer than me Sotongs!
    OK , anyone interested? Can register with me at with a small AUD35.00 registration (1 of, refundable less admin charges) and a 20% cut from leads. Payment to the jobber (you lah !) is 25days upon Customer's satisfactory report.

    I have the leads, I have the Apps. You have the need$ and You have the brawn. Apa lagi wait wait?

    Yang Boleh latotupai
    in luv with lust with AphroditeS AWAS! Suspek is an Avid procurer to myths, lies, legends, folklores, i-ching, rumors, misinformation, cakap-ayam, spɹoʍ uʍop ǝpısdn puɐ˙˙DLL .
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