One of the better opinion on language dilemma in Malaysia, although some of them are incorrect..

" In the midst of the two opposing voices, and the tussle that has since arisen, the underlying fact is that Chinese Malaysians indeed need to buck up their BM reflecting the predicament of Chinese students in the learning of languages.... "

Not entirely true, the writer may not aware of the evolution of Bahasa Melayu and how BM became the lingua franca in the Malay archipelago in the past centuries. It is a VERY EASY language to learn in which many of the words/terminologies used in BM were originated from the different people at that time like Arabs, Indian, Siamese, Indonesian, Dutch, etc. It was the ease of learning/mastering this language that it became the lingua franca in this region at that time."

Chinese Malaysians perhaps constitute the single ethnic community that needs to learn the most languages and dialects anywhere in this world. We can proudly brag about our linguistic talent by willfully throwing in words in English, Malay, Mandarin and a host of Chinese dialects in a short conversation, much to the awe of our foreign listeners. There is no short cut to learning of a language. We need to invest plenty of time and use the language in day-to-day life in order to master it. Inability to master a language is not just a problem in communication but will also affect the scope of our thinking. For modern people, language is a tool for thinking and we use the language to think. "

This is probably the reason why some people cannot think logically regardless of education level.. !!