July, 1997
Hong Kong was back to her mama after 100 years kidnapped by kwai loh. On the same month, Asian financial crisis started from Thai Baht speculation crisis. At that time, I was too young, too poor and too blur to capitialize the opportunities… and also no time.

July 2007
10 years after 1997 Asian financial crisi, Dow Jones climbed to the height of 14000 points. Several months later, Lehman Brothers closed shop and triggered the sub-prime shockwaves. In less than 15 months, Dow Jones dived to 6547 point, i.e. 53% of the market capitalisation of July 2007 was evaporated !! Similar blood bath were witnessed elsewhere like in HK and KL. At that time, I wasn't too young, still poor but less blur... So, managed to do something from the crisis but no big deal, just some little bread crumbs...

Now, July 2017, can history repeat ??