Yesterday morning, I went to my usual place for breakfast. As usual I use their loyalty card for payment as I always keep some balance in the card.

I noticed I have food and drinks which I can redeem for free, so I asked them to redeem the drinks only as the free food is not my favourite.

Apparently their "system" down and couldn't do redemption. I log in to their webpage and shown them my card records. The staff still talk 3 talk 4 about the system. Maybe yesterday morning was not an auspicious morning for breakfast, I thought a loyalty card is to offer convenience instead of giving nonsense. .

So, I made my usual orders and paid by credit card. Before I left , I did the followings:

1. Redeemed all the drinks and food which are redeemable with the loyalty card

2. Asked the staff to put the drinks and food in take-away packaging.

3. Borrow a scissor from the staff and cut the loyalty card into half.

4. Gave the take-away food and drinks to the cleaners and security guards nearby the cafè...