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Thread: GST ~ sudah dua tahun

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    Most of us earn a living, live and die here. So, the effects on us due to a depreciating RM, or put it another way, the appreciation of foreign currencies, is imported inflation.

    Prudence is indeed a good virtue especially in the current difficult times. Of course, earn more if you can but if you can't than I guess you just have to spend less and in order of priorities.

    As for me I always live a little bit below my means. Save for the rainy days, you know.
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    Yes, prudence is always a good virtue and I believe this is the reason most people are who they are today apart from hard work and opportunities. Always find a balance between two opposites., no need to plan everything just for the last few years of life and sacrifice the present life...

    Health is the ultimate treasure, wealth is relative and is always “not enough”. In Chinese saying, there is always one hill higher than another hill. I presume those who browse or post here are average or above average folks, have free time and less bother by living costs. If living expenses is a big concern, then utilize the precious time to earn more instead of moaning here.

    If you have a house/houses here or in Penang, JB or even Melaka, these assets can be very helpful for your children when you no longer around. Irrespective of whether your children will reside here or overseas, these assets will worth a lot in future as properties in cities are scare. Urbanization has not reached its peak yet in this country. It is predicted that 90% of the population in this country will live in urban cities in 20-30 years time from now. I witnessed similar trend in UK and Japan, the children of my ex-colleague in London and Tokyo practically can cut short their working life by 10-20 years. So, get you Will drafted to ensure whatever you own will serve the future purposes you wish.

    There is no need to be overly pessimistic about the future here..
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