Err buddies..just to highlight own personal experience which occurred around 21:15pm just a short while ago.

O was waiting in a car to pickup 18 years old youngest little Orchi at the LRT USJ7 station right next to SP Court 2.

At about that time, O noticed the street lights went off n did not realized that the blackout had affected the entire operation of the LRT station there too.

30 minutes passed, O made a call to son only to realized youngest son was actually stuck in the elevator of the station.

Then O reached an emergency phone box located next to the elevator door on ground level to call the station operator for emergency assistance but was told to wait for their engineer to arrive.

O questioned why they had waited more than 30 minutes n did not even inform the emergency response team instead from the nearby Subang Fire rescue department. The operator replied that they were only authorized to call their engineer from the Elevator supplier Schindler to handle such emergency situation.

NOT satisfied with such explanation O made the emergency call to Subang Fire rescue station for assistance n sure enough the Fire rescue truck had arrived about 15 minutes later.

While waiting, O ran up stairs to the station operation room only to find around 5~6 men n women staffs in it sitting around n clearly they could see the inside of the elevator via the CCTV display.

O had approached the counter to query what are the SOP of the station in such an emergency situation, n none of them could give any explanation of the SOP.

Fedup with their lack of cooperation O walked back to see what the Firemen who just arrived at the time could do.

The Firemen used own portable electric genset to operate hydraulic clamps to pry open the elevator door on ground level only to find the elevator passenger case was stucked in between floors.

They then moved upstairs to pry open the elevator door there only to find the elevator case was about 15feet below.

To O's shock, there is no steel escape ladder being fitted within the elevator shaft against the wall within the elevator shaft which is by law must be installed to begin with.

To O's further shock, the Firemen told O that they have no portable ladder suitable to reach the top of the elevator cage.

Around that time about 1 hour later from the 1st report lodged, the technicians from Schindler finally arrived to open up the electric control panel of the elevator system, in order to activate the back up system to lift the elevator cage up to the upper floor. To O's final shock, they could NOT find the right key to open the electric control panel.

Eventually the Firemen had to pry open the panel with crow bars, before the technicians could activate the backup system n moved the cage to let O's son out after more than 1hr n 15minutes gotten stuck in the elevator alone.

Imagine if there was a pregnant lady, younger children or old folks gotten stuck in the similar emergency situation.

Tomorrow O will file an official complaint at the Subang Police Station n get a money hungry shrewd lawyer to sue Prasarana n KTM for 1 million dollars as compensation to the mental anguish n suffering by O.