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    Quote Originally Posted by opulant View Post
    Put in checked-in luggage ??

    I think you need to wrap the knife properly..
    Of course.....

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    Jenny, just buy J.A Henckels knives that suit your affordability and desire. These high quality knives will last a lifetime for any home and if used properly or sharpened with steel sharpening rod which they also certainly have among their range.
    No need to learn or use Japanese katana sharpening methods. Gordon Ramsey or even Jamie Oliver have youtube clips on sharpening these knives. I bought a 3 piece knife set from Parkson years ago and I use them almost everyday.
    I dunno the current prices but know they're never cheap but last a lifetime that matter most. Stay away from pasar malam or hardware shop knives. You get what you pay for.

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    Thanks for the feedbacks! 1 said go ahead get a good brand, 1 said no need good brand! But more said maintenance is the key! I know now, just maintains whatever I have and do the necessary maintenance!

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