Just sharing my experience. Hopefully it would be of benefits to some.

Background : this student has been failing his Math, the reason recognized by his parents and doctors was he has limitation in his brain function plus attention deficiency due to some kind of condition. The student told me on his first lesson, he has the above-mentioned difficulties and that I don't place too much hope in him doing well.

My objective : help him to build confident in his ability to learn Math and hopefully he could learn math normally and at least pass his Math in SPM which he will be sitting at the end of the year.

Teaching someone who is poor in mathematics; the following are what I believe.

Observe and identify the learning capacity of the student.

- Short span of attention
- Low information storage capacity – the brain felt saturated after some learning
- Knowledge doesn’t stay in memory for long
- level of basic mathematics knowledge, root, power, -ve value, etc

Mental preparation of a teacher

- know your objective - the student must understand what is taught at the end of the lesson
- be patient
- don't set expectation because expectation would affect teacher's emotion.
- be prepared to repeat what you have taught
- Teacher must maintain a positive attitude; motivate student to ask question and allow break when student respond slowly.

- Not too much of talking, student lose focus
- Check student respond after your explanation
- Use language that layman can understand
- Emphasize terms to learn/remember
- Teach student to read and understand question
- Teach student to analyze question, identify information given in the question
- Teach student to plan how to solve the problem before working on the answer
- Ask students to repeat what he understood – to check if he really understand
- Review what was taught and ask student to teach you what he has learnt.
- Regularly repeat question that the student has difficulty to remember or understand until the answer stays with him.
- Try different approach if student have difficulty to understand a concept.
- Always recap what was taught before end of lesson, ask the student to tell you what he has learnt in that lesson.
- Analyze student’s working to know what he doesn’t understand or goes wrong.

- Student must understand each topic before you move on, this helps to remember the content, reduce confusion
- Spot good working of the students – highlight what he did well, encourage him to do the same
- Give frequent break as needed, this reduce stress for both student and teacher

The above mentioned works for this student, in his recent Math test, he got an A. I hope it works for other struggling students too.