Hi, first of all i need to say that i have nothing against dogs. Im staying at usj13 where neighbors keeping dogs are very common. But there is one particular neighbor who has gone off limits. This neighbor's house is located at usj9 which is just opposite usj13. The owner has a german shepherd and almost every day it barks incessantly from 5pm to 9pm, it begins to bark as soon as the owner comes back from work.

This is not just an ordinary nuisance barking like your dog next door. It barks so loud that its noise can be heard from 3 usj areas. How can the quality of life not deteriorate, all of us need a peaceful rest in the evening but getting bothered by such incessant barking? I have talked to the owner nicely and even suggested him to use a dog muzzle but until now nothing has changed. Ignorant owner loves his dog more than respecting other neighbors. At last i made a complaint to MPSJ and all they did was just issued a warning letter to ask the owner to get a dog license. Now the owner got the license and his dog continues its barking routine like ever before.

What should we do now? Do we have to put up with this every day? Should i make a police report? To whom should i resort to? Please help, thanks.