US remittance withheld by BN
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Thread: US remittance withheld by BN

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    US remittance withheld by BN

    Had a small sum of remittance USD xxxxx.xx which was donated into my account via Maybank. But it is not cleared for withdrawal because it was withheld by BN according to the bank officer. Already 3 weeks.
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    Not straight forward nowadays to receive foreign currency deposits.

    Fastest way is electronic transfer but interestingly, Malaysia is not in the country lists for one major US bank.

    My USD cheque took 6 weeks to clear ...

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    My proceeds from sale of local business asset to a Swiss company took 6weeks to clear... The bottle neck is also bnm... I should have asked for payment in Oz. It will be almost instantaneously done...
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    Maybe the amount is too small. If you send billions, will go through instantly

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