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The government is looking into raising the highway speed limit to 130kph if recommended by the Road Safety Dept and Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research after proper studies were conducted.

Interestingly, this was discussed two years ago but nothing materialised. It was also suggested the left lane be maintained at 110kph, the middle lane 110-130kph, and the right lane 130-150kph. The question is how to enforce the different speed limits should it be passed. Can the present AES cameras able to differentiate the speed limit? But the proposal for minimum speed on the middle and right lanes is worth examining.

It is much safer and pleasant to drive on a highway at 120kph than gate tailing slow coach cars at 60kph. We have road hogs that don't care a shit the long line of vehicles behind them. Thus, setting a minimum speed for middle and right lanes on the highways would be welcomed by most motorists, and who knows there will be fewer accidents.
PC, i am surprised that you are quite a blur sotong with this. The RIGHT lane is the OVER TAKING lane not to bloody hog it at 130 or 150.
It doesnt matter how slow or fast you are driving as long, as you get OUT of the overtaking lane. If you think that 150 is fast , you aint seen nothing yet..SO Please move outta my way ok... No one is to hog the overtaking lane. Not even those doing in excess of 150...So Move your slo ass back to the middle or left lane if you see a car or a bus or a lorry, or a motorcycle coming fast. It is not yours or my right of way to hog it at 110 or 130...By George! I will move my 160 slow ass if i saw a vehicle appearing on my rear mirror.

Plus, get this, the way 'Living under the coconut shell bolehlanders' drive in the highway? By Jove! almost everyone of these blur sotongs (esp those with Guaranti Pas lesen kopi o) will get an expensive summon in Europe, Oz and America.

Yang Berlaju latotupai.

p/s Buy me a whisky and I can tell you about that Audi and me along the Autobahn. Or the slow mo 110 in Oz ...