Baby Sitter/Nanny Recommendation-USJ area?
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Thread: Baby Sitter/Nanny Recommendation-USJ area?

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    Baby Sitter/Nanny Recommendation-USJ area?

    Hi Folks!

    Hope you are well.

    I have looked through this forum and found that the previous postings on baby sitter/nanny were quite sometime back and have decided to post a new thread hoping to have some up-to-date info on baby sitter/nanny available at the point of typing this thread.

    My wife is expecting a baby in late April/early May 2017.

    As such, we would like to seek your assistance in advance if you have any recommendation of an acceptable/good baby sitter/nanny - most important criteria is able to care lovingly for the little baby baby - (around USJ area, preferably USJ2) whom you have engaged before or still engaging and is satisfied with their care of the baby.

    Likely hood service of baby sitter required would be in July 2017. Chinese lady preferred.

    Many thanks for your help in advance.


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    Dear ChrisK and to whom might be interested,

    It might be too late to reply, but I hope my post would be of help 1st time parents/ new residence of USJ looking for babysitters.

    I would like to recommend my sonís previous babysitter, she took care of my son since he was 6 months old. We had experienced with some not good babysitters, till we meet her.

    In my opinion, she is a good & very experience babysitter. She is responsible, accountable, trustworthy and kind. She provides nutritious food & good potty training. She also provides clean environment for the kids.

    She takes good care of babies and toddlers, English & Cantonese speaking, does Monday to Friday, from around 7:30am Ė 6:30pm.

    We still do keep in close contact with her, PM me if interested.


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