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It was not an error. My kitchen tap did go dry last night, and some dirty water came out of the tap this morning (typical indication of some form of mains water supply interruption). I guess some of you were unaware of it when it happened as it was not a comprehensive disruption, and very likely many locales in USJ were less affected (low pressure rather than no pressure).
Some here believe its erroneous, you say its not. That's ok. Mine was ok, hardly any change felt. Whether there was or not, doesn't matter to me as long as its temporary and my tank can easily suffice for 2-3 days for my small family with prudent use as always. Anyway, I do anticipate a few interruptions within a year and sympathise with those living in flats and other areas that were deprived for so long. I can imagine how unbearable it can be. Electrical supply to my place is also not bulletproof. For decades, I realise sudden blackouts a few times within any year, and for some reason its localized to about 200 homes within my radius. I hope its minimized since I assume they upgraded the substation couple of months ago.