Anyone with time to cruse around town with thier flashy cars?

It can be fun and most of all raise fund for charity. Looking for volunteers with thier big strong and friendly wheels to pick out riders at your free time. The amount of contributions from the profiting minus expenses can be made via Uberclubmen where I am trying to raise chips for funds.

My experiences have had been "The Good Bad and Ugly" .....but mostly good, few bad and just couple of ugly experiences as Uber driver.
If there is any bad rotten apples riders, you will be advised accordingly how to handle the cheapskates or even dishing the banana to be deactivate the riders if they are ugly. This is because the Uber platform allows the riders and drivers to rate thier riding experiences. ;

Many time you get up close and personal encounters PYT sitting next to you.....and many thankful that you came, pick and send them safely to thier homes. Here is the link of my experiences from driving point to point.

Interested? to sign up within 10 minutes if you have a MY Kad, car less than 8 years old, car registration and insurance named as an owner or designated driver. And do let me know as you would be given a bottle of New Zealand pure honey worth RM 100 as part of my campaign to form this Uberclubmen to cook up the fun and fund experiences. What Say U?