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Thread: Happy Day

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    Wifey went for her daily 1 hour morning walk and on coming back found her bungle of keys missing.

    So she walked back and after half hour, found it sitting on top of a Letter Box of a house.

    Obviously that owner must have found the keys on the drive-way and he left it on top of his Letter Box hoping the owner can find it again.

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    Like me, a young malay guy was quietly awaiting his car to be washed & cleaned up...We got to chit chat when he saw something on me that he instantly can relate to. A m/bike lanyard. We had a good chat about bikes & touring etc...
    His car was kaw tim first and he left after we bid adieu.
    When I wanted to pay my car wash, the owner told me the young malay chap had already paid for me!

    What a happy day & blessings indeed. I told the carwash tambi to accept a 'forward payment' for that car XXX4545X when he next turn up...Hopefully he will.
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    We were having dinner last night at Empire Gallery.

    Wife and kid left earlier to the bookstore upstairs while I waited for the bill. When I gave my credit card to the waitress, she asked whether I carried credit card of a foreign bank as there is 15% discount if paying with this card.

    I don't carry this card but I know wifey subscribed to this foreign bank's credit card. I phoned her but no answer (maybe the phone is switched to silent mode). So, I told the waitress it is alright to proceed with my credit card..

    She asked me to wait for a while and she spoke to the supervisor of the restaurant. The supervisor walked to my table and told me - it is ok if I want to pay the bill with my wife's credit card later, they will keep the bill first. In other words, I can walk out of the restaurant without paying the dinner and come back later to make payment!!

    This is my first time of such experience. I paid them (the waitress and the supervisor) a small tip when we were back about half an hour later...
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