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Thread: HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) tools for Schools and Work

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    HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) tools for Schools and Work

    I am sharing this information with all parents (primary and secondary) on a set of thinking tools that was supposed to be widely introduced and used in Malaysian schools. However, from my asking around, not many parents or kids seems to be fully aware of how they work except to know they kind of exist and they have to "copy them down". That is NOT HOW THE TOOLS ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK. You are supposed to make your own notes and mind maps using these tools.

    Please go to

    These tools will help the children especially in subjects where there are a lot of facts, twists and turns, causes and effects etc... like Science, History, Geography, Kemahiran Hidup etc. There are elements of these tools in the textbooks and reference books but for these tools to be really effective, the children has to make their "own notes/maps" using them. They will be naturally guided and trained into HOTS when using them.

    I have also found them useful in adult work especially in presenting ideas, concepts etc.

    Best of luck.
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