OK..here it is..but BEFORE its started..
Generally I'm:
1) Granting Mr Chang Moderator full right to exercise his moderation and due action against anyone who violate or defy general forum etiquette and rules. I think this is automatic anyway.
2) DO NOT go attack or personal on other forumers. I don't want to friend or respect aloof or condescending people either.
3) DO NOT go political or seditious mode, especially without firm substantiation or evidence..this may get your passport and travel banned. Worse still, USJ forum risk action from somewhere..maybe even Mr Chang hauled up..I do NOT want to see this happen!
4) No FOUL or BAD Language just to stress your point..just write your experience that angered you. Most understand plain simple English here.
4pm today.
Was at Speedmart99 (SM99) Subang SS17 today.
Saw 2 persons wheel out buying 15 big bottles per trolley of cooking oil..certainly borong for commercial purpose.
Its no wonder we common people hardly have anything left to buy for our own domestic purpose. Go see most SM99 at the cooking oil section at anytime..see what's left for you..I know its been selling like hot cakes or there's not enough supply.
I think SM99 should STOP or limit such bulk purchases of essentials.. its NOT BLARDI FAIR! ANGRY!!!!!!!!