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    Mother Teresa

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    1. Adolf Hilter who died at the age of 56, killed 6 millions Jews & you think 'Only The Good Die Young.'

    2. Also, Mother Teresa died at the ripe old age of 87.

    She had helped countless people and will soon be honoured as a Saint by The Vatican.

    Thanks God, Mother Teresa did not die young. .

    Yes, Mother Teresa has been honoured Saint by Pope Francis at Vatican

    Yes, sometimes nature works in a miracle way.. Good people don't die young and they can help others till their old age whereas bad people should die young...

    However, good or bad people, they all have their own friends and supporters. Not surprise terrible asshxx# also got a bunch of simpletons as friends because as the popular saying goes – birds of a feather flock together...

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    A simple Q becons: why did Mother T not install washing machines or dish washers (all fitted with hot water capability) in her hosp/homes? Why when using of such (in a hospital) is more convenient and more importantly, hygienic...why was all the nuns & volunteers have to use hands? Any1?
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