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    [QUOTE=Geofoliage;605246]Pana doll... something

    Just curious ...., Do you want to be one of them when the time come.. in future.. ??[/QUOTE

    one thing I know for sure I am glad I am not related to you ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by panadol View Post thing I know for sure I am glad I am not related to you ...
    Yes. I'm glad you are not related to me too..

    OMG, can't imagine what kind of freaking disaster if you are even remotely related to me..

    Btw, you remind me of a spoiled brat called pjclown in this forum before...!!

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    Kinda disappointed that David's memoriam thread can go down to personal squabbles...If David had been around, he might just have jumped right in to nip the bud. But then again, he might just be amused and mysteriously opt to join the banter :-)

    p/s you know during the past durian seasons, David had hosted quite a number of forumer & family to durian makan in Balik Pulau Penang. And I believe for seafood dinner too... Thats him...
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