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"But you have, in doing so, removed all doubt that BlossomOvalis is Opulant in a new nick. Congratulations."

Y lah??? give this SJ resident forummer a break lah... Investigative banning aint gonna solve nuthin' in duh long term leh. I enjoy the various nicks' postings lah...ANd ye cant please every1 lah.

The Grass is indeed getting browner down under.
Just got this in the e box: A 'kinda' big developer is having an Oz property expo of sort and being a 'valued customer' was offered a week free stay in their Melbourne CBD apartment suite.

Then I kinda went WTF??? Given this hypothetical scenario: Assuming that i already own an apartment ( local parlance 'I have a condo' in Melbourne, WTfish would I be wanting to stay at another place?