Malaysians are blessed with the British system handed down to us. I believed that the fact that English is widely spoken here in Malaysia has given many Malaysians an advantage over many Asian countries, especially in terms of a job. Many Malaysians are running multinationals and are holding high positions because of their good command of the language. Learning Chinese do not make you a millionaire too, plenty of pasar malam sellers speak and write Chinese better than me.
Since this thread is about if the grass is greener the other side, I think it is for some people and not for some people. I bought a property there that made me a cool myr2 millions if I sell it. My kids are educated to Uni and got their jobs, starting graduate pay at $55k per annum, their fees was Hecs, loans they will have to pay back via a monthly tax. My wife and I will retire with Medicare cover as a minimum, public amenities are clean and we can afford to drink coffee everyday. I know the price of Sunway medical and it is not cheap. Public hospital here are bare necessity only. And most people will not foot $100k to do a procedure, they rather take many risks. I know because I have seen it. Money is so hard to earn here, they rather pass the money to their kids, they contend themselves to not live too long as it is expensive to grow old and sick in Malaysia. Not trying to make anyone feel bad. Malaysia is better than lot of South East Asia countries.