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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry T View Post
    Peninsula Malaysia is a relatively small place. Hey, you can drive from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Johor Bahru, tip to tip, in ten hours. If you drive in the U.S. Coast to Coast it will probably take you one week. The highways did bring development and progress to many towns but there are some which are just bypassed and forgotten, caught in a time warp.

    I am an orang desa (urbanite) my whole life and have always wondered what it would be like growing up in one of those sleepy hollows.
    Yup.... it was a 10-day ride back in mid-90s when we rode rented Harleys from LA to Milwaukee, home of Harley Davidson, to celebrate the 100 years Anniversary of Harley Davidson... the program was known as "HOMECOMING TO MILWAUKEE" which saw 60,000 Harley Davidsons rode into town for a few days of celebration.... ecstatic! Once-a-lifetime experience...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry T View Post
    Did you grow up in Bentong?

    You know, in the past when there were no highways Bentong was pretty remote. It was the hilly, winding and twisty trunk road way or no way. The town was synonymous with being ulu. No offence . In fact when I was young and if KLites think you are a country bumpkin they will say you are from Bentong. Or they will ask if you are from Bentong. It is no longer ulu now. There are other more ulu places I can think of, Papan in Perak for instance. Not only is it ulu, it is also dead.
    I came from a small town in Pahang which is a lot more ulu than Bentong.

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