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The first thing to do on coming back was to check my 6 Papaya trees which I bought 4 weeks ago to see if they are still alive.

They cost $7.50 each without G.S.T. at the Sunday market. Yes, thanks goodness, they are still looking good.

The only plant I do not have in my backyard is a banana tree.
Do you plant vegetables in your garden ? I have been trying to plant lady's finger (okra) in my little backyard in Malacca.

I have a "buddy" from Malacca who now live in SJ. He has acute diabetes..

Someone told me drinking lady's fingers juice can lower the blood sugar and I recommended him to try. It works quite ok for him..

He is a retiree. Diabetic medicine is not cheap (even before GST) and his children kind of don't take care of him much. You know vegetable is also not cheap in SJ. I am thinking if the lady's fingers can grow well in my house's backyard, I may occasional bring this vege to him when I travel to Malacca..