Yes, why am I so annoyed at this trend after a very recent visit to some supermarket at Main Place.
Because when you walk into countless supermart (not just grocery but IT mart or other supermarket like environment) your hand carried shopping bags from other shopped items are tied up with cable tie to prevent you bagging "stolen" items from the place.
Maybe happening at some places, you've to surrender your other shopped items to a security counter and handbags checked when exit.
THIS IS AN ABSURD TREND! Shows how lowly Malaysia is! Developed konon! Developed status don't just mean fancy infrastructure and most modern buildings. Its encompass good civilized culture and mindset too.
I know there's pros and cons but this isn't exactly a right of the shop.. its a BLARDI INSULT to our personal integrity! Are their losses so great that this kind of insult need to be carried out in the name of security?
What next? armed security at the entrances?