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Thread: Anti dengue campaign in USJ 11

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    Anti dengue campaign in USJ 11

    The outbreak of dengue in USJ 11 is getting to be more serious. After 2 months, there are still confirmed cases every week and that is serious. MPSJ is now focussed to prevent further outbreak and all the effort of fogging and compound issuance is not having any effect. This Saturday, they will be down in the padang to launch an awareness campaign in the form of a gotong royong. The USJ 11 community is invited to do some self help to clean up the community. The following is the detail

    Time and date: 9.00 am, Saturday 22 April 2006
    Place : USJ 11/4 padang

    Please come forward to give a helping hand to make USJ 11 a safe place to dwell in. MPSJ will continue to issue summons to houses which is found to be breeding the Aedes mosquitoes and they will also continue with their regular fogging. This is so much they can do. The rest is up to us. Let us help each other in the spirit of "muhibbah" or goodwill while keeping the community safe.

    Tiada Aedes, tiada denggi.

    If USJ 3ABCD have theirs, so can you in USJ 11
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    PC, are you expecting USJ 11 residents to do the campaign in USJ 12? Blur, blur lah.

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    I am getting Chang to change the title to USJ 11.

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    The dengue fever outbreak in USJ 11 has reached its critical level that it warrants MPSJ to take stern action against those residents whose premises are breeding grounds for the aedes msquitoes. In a press conference held this morning at USJ 11 playground while launching the awareness campaign, MPSJ said that it will not hesitate to haul offenders and charge them in court though such a case has never been tried before in Malaysia. The maximum fine for the first offence is a fine of not more than RM 10,000 or not more than two years jail or both.

    During the last 4 weeks of enforcement, MPSJ inspected houses in USJ 11/1 to USJ 11/5 and issued compound fines of RM 100 to 129 houses. This means that if you are living within this area,your chances of contracting dengue fever is very high. It only needs one of the ten of thousands of the aedes mosquitoes to infect you.

    In the whole of last year in USJ 11, there were only 31 confirmed cases reported but within the first 15 weeks of this year, there were 42 cases reported positive. And to show how serious it is, out of 282 cases reported positive in the MPSJ district stretching from Subang Jaya to Puchong and Seri Kembangan, 15% are in USJ 11 itself. More scary is the fact that USJ 11 has as many reported cases in Kinrara and Seri Kembangan combined. And even more frightening is that for every suspected cases reported, there is a 84% chance that it will be positive. When it is positive and you don't have a medical insurance, it will set you back by RM 4,000 - RM 6,000 when you are treated in a private hospital.

    USJ 11 also contributes 40% of all the 108 positive cases reported in USJ so far this year. While its neigbouring precints consisting of USJ 4, 5, 9, 10 and 12 have only 6 cases, USJ 11 has 42 to boast of.

    The next Anti Dengue Campaign will be held the padang in front of Chatters Restaurant from 9.00 - 11.00 am on Saturday, 29 April 2006.
    The program is as follows
    9.00 am - Penerangan Tentang Penyakit Demam Denggi Pemberian Abate
    secara percuma

    - Maklumat tentang premis yang didapati terdapat tempat
    pendbiakan nyamuk Aedes

    11.00 am - Jamuan Ringgan dan bersurai

    All are most welcome.

    MPSJ officers with Councillor Yap Yun Fatt providing the briefing.

    Early birds hearing the bad news. Look at their faces

    The dengue incidences don't seem to go down

    The Hotspots in USJ 11

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    At the Anti Dengue Awareness Campaign launched in USJ 11 this morning, two good suggestions were put forth to MPSJ to act tough in order to knock some hard senses into the residents' head. The first one is to request MPSJ to paste a notice on the gates of those whose premises are found to be breeding grounds of the aedes mosquitoes so as to enable residents living nearby to be aware of the dengue danger. It is only fair as their lives are in danger. The second is to publish the addresses of such houses publicly. I was there at the public exhibition and chance upon this opportunity. And here is the list of addresses where MPSJ has slapped a compound fine of RM 100.00. The rest of the list will be published at the second Dengue Awareness Campaign to be held next Saturday in front of Chatters. If you do not want to see your address published here, then JOIN THE FIGHT and DECLARE WAR ON THE AEDES

    We want to see this done in our fight against Aedes mosquitoes

    And here is suggestion No 2

    And here is the complete list of houses which were issued compound fines for breeding aedes mosquitoes in their premises houses. Beware if you are staying next to these houses.
    1 Jalan USJ 11/1A
    46 Jalan USJ 11/1A
    47 Jalan USJ 11/1A
    62 Jalan USJ 11/1A
    27 Jalan USJ 11/1B
    1 Jalan USJ 11/1C
    15 Jalan USJ 11/1C
    11-A Jalan USJ 11/1C
    11-A Jalan USJ 11/1C
    36 Jalan USJ 11/1E
    80 Jalan USJ 11/1E
    17 Jalan USJ 11/1F
    18 Jalan USJ 11/1F
    76 Jalan USJ 11/1F
    105 Jalan USJ 11/1F
    9 Jalan USJ 11/1G
    1 Jalan USJ 11/1J
    7 Jalan USJ 11/1J
    6 Jalan USJ 11/1K
    8 Jalan USJ 11/1K
    14 Jalan USJ 11/1K
    73 Jalan USJ 11/1K
    1 Jalan USJ 11/2
    32 Jalan USJ 11/2A
    55 Jalan USJ 11/2A
    10 Jalan USJ 11/2B
    24 Jalan USJ 11/2B
    39 Jalan USJ 11/2B
    42 Jalan USJ 11/2B
    53 Jalan USJ 11/2B
    6 Jalan USJ 11/2C
    28 Jalan USJ 11/2C
    22 Jalan USJ 11/2D
    2 Jalan USJ 11/2F
    26 Jalan USJ 11/2G
    28 Jalan USJ 11/2G
    36 Jalan USJ 11/2G
    10 Jalan USJ 11/2H
    22 Jalan USJ 11/2H
    25 Jalan USJ 11/2H
    32 Jalan USJ 11/2H
    40 Jalan USJ 11/2H
    3 Jalan USJ/11/3
    21 Jalan USJ/11/3
    81 Jalan USJ/11/3A
    81 Jalan USJ/11/3B
    7 Jalan USJ 11/3C
    37 Jalan USJ 11/3C
    39 Jalan USJ 11/3C
    40 Jalan USJ/11/3C
    54 Jalan USJ/11/3C
    81 Jalan USJ 11/3C
    3 Jalan USJ/11/3D
    41 Jalan USJ/11/3D
    55 Jalan USJ 11/3E
    63 Jalan USJ/11/3E
    5 Jalan USJ 11/3F
    8 Jalan USJ 11/3G
    17 Jalan USJ/11/3G
    22 Jalan USJ 11/3G
    35 Jalan USJ/11/3K
    47 Jalan USJ/11/3K
    12 Jalan USJ 11/3L
    22 Jalan USJ/11/3L
    32 Jalan USJ/11/3L
    12 Jalan USJ 11/3M
    23 Jalan USJ 11/3M
    30 Jalan USJ/11/3M
    31 Jalan USJ/11/3M
    35 Jalan USJ/11/3M
    43 Jalan USJ 11/3M
    3 Jalan USJ 11/3N
    5 Jalan USJ/11/3N
    14 Jalan USJ/11/3N
    30 Jalan USJ 11/3N
    36 Jalan USJ 11/3N
    50 Jalan USJ 11/3N
    53 Jalan USJ 11/3N
    57 Jalan USJ 11/3N
    66 Jalan USJ 11/3N
    69 Jalan USJ 11/3N
    56 Jalan USJ 11/3P
    5 Jalan USJ 11/4B
    50 Jalan USJ 11/4B
    23 Jalan USJ 11/4C
    41 Jalan USJ 11/4C
    37 Jalan USJ 11/4D
    12 Jalan USJ 11/4E
    28 Jalan USJ 11/4G
    7 Jalan USJ 11/4H
    51 Jalan USJ 11/4H
    59 Jalan USJ 11/4J
    69 Jalan USJ 11/4J
    29 Jalan USJ 11/4K
    33 Jalan USJ 11/4K
    36 Jalan USJ 11/4K
    7 Jalan USJ 11/4M
    61 Jalan USJ 11/4M
    63 Jalan USJ 11/4M
    75 Jalan USJ 11/4M
    60 Jalan USJ 11/4N
    8 Jalan USJ 11/5
    58 Jalan USJ 11/5
    92 Jalan USJ 11/5
    100 Jalan USJ 11/5
    6 Jalan USJ 11/7
    32 Jalan USJ 11/7

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    Just received an SMS from MPSJ that for Week 16 (April 16th - April 22nd) there were 59 reported cases of suspected dengue fever of which 15 are confirmed positive cases in the MPSJ Administrative district covering Subang Jaya, Puchong and Seri Kembangan. The 15 positive dengue cases are found in USJ 11, PJS 7 and Kinrara 6. The number 11,7 and 6 are area number and not number of cases. So USJ 11, dont't panic.

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    Thumbs up

    Well done, PCYEOH! Thanks for all the highlights! Let's keep our community clean and rid of dengue!

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    There will be a Anti Dengue Campaign to be held at the padang in front of Chatters Restaurant from 9.00 - 11.00 am on Saturday, 29 April 2006. This will be the second one held as this USJ 11 is considered a red alert area,

    The program is as follows

    9.00 am - Penerangan Tentang Penyakit Demam Denggi Pemberian Abate
    secara percuma

    - Maklumat tentang premis yang didapati terdapat tempat
    pendbiakan nyamuk Aedes

    11.00 am - Jamuan Ringgan dan bersurai

    All are most welcome. Come and have breakfast with us.

    I will be there to extract the latest statistics and also to take note of those houses which were fined for breeding the aedes mosquitoes. I will then publish them here.

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    Yesterday some 100 residents turned up for the awareness campaign.

    Mr Yap Yun Fatt officially told those who were present that at the last MPSJ full board meeting, it was decided that those found breeding the aedes mosquitoes will now have to face court action as the honeymoon days for them are over. At the recent MPSJ full board meeting, it has been agreed that court action will be taken against owners whose premises breed the mosquito larvae. If found guilty, errant owners could face a fine of up to RM10,000, two years' jail or both for the first offence. Repeat offenders could face a fine of up to RM50,000, five years' jail or both. Mr Yap said that the police will lend them a helping hand to enter into unoccupied premises forcefully to keep check of the dengue menace.

    I had the opportunity at this meeting to share with the residents the seriousness of this outbreak. Those present realised that these are no longer mere statistics when two people who were striken down with dengue fever shared their personal experience with them. During question time, one resident wanted to know what is the behaviour of the aedes mosquito. In fact another resident questioned tha manner the local authority is handling this epidemic. He wanted MPSJ to be more systemmatic in its approach. He suggested MPSJ starts with educating the residents which MPSJ took up the challenge saying that it will invite the residents to MPSJ for a powerpoint presentation. Sensing that getting the residents to MPSJ is going to be an issue, I then proposed that the presentation should at ground zero. The residents fully agreed that stern action should be taken now. In fact there were 5 houses who were slapped with a second compound when they did not take any action after being compounded two weeks before. Maybe these 5 houses should be checked again and if there are still breeding the aedes mosquitoes larvae, they should be dragged to face court action as they have developed this into their bad habits. Another suggestion is to circulate the owners' names and their house addresses to the whole community instead of publishing them on the websites. Finally one of them said, "We are ashamed that our community is drawing the attention of the nation for the wrong reason. We hope to eradicate this stigma soon. With that he invited everybody to JOIN THE FIGHT and DECLARE WAR ON THE AEDES.

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    my partner's hubby came down with a dengue after an evening jog in bkt jalil. He spent 3d2n in ICU, pantai hosp. On the 3rd day, pantai recommmended that the poor chap be transferred to UH. They slapped him with a bill of Rm10,000+. He survived the shock of the bill only to spend the next 30days in ICU, UH.
    I visited him in UH and saw the poor chappie all hooked up and lying down in semicomatose. he was like an overgrown yet prematured baby...After 30days in ICu, he recovered and was moved to the recovery ward.

    The ICU nurse told me that the poor chap survived becos of his wife (my partner). My partner was always the first to be in the hospital (6am) and the last to leave (past midnight). She spent her time talking to her hubby, sponged him, massaged him, read to him and urging him not to give up for the sake of his 2 young sons...
    he survived thru sheer will power.
    When i met him in the recovery room, he was wobbling and struggling to learn how to walk again...
    Dengue esp the bleeding type is a killer. Be very afraid of it....and if u kena bitten, also pray that your family is there 18X7 by your side and that u have tremendous will power to live...and also the weight to lose. My partner's hubby lost 20kg!

    Yang Akan Bersih kawasan SS17 lato tupai

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    This sms came to me two days ago.

    Laporan kes deman denggi/deman denggi berdarah di kws MPSJ bg minggu epid 17. Kes lapor (45) kes positif (23) kws wabak - USJ 11

    For USJ 11 alone, the total no of cases reported during the first 17 weeks of this year is 69 of which 54 are confirmed cases. For your information, there were only 31 confirmed cases reported the whole of 52 weeks last year. During the last 2 weeks alone, there were 12 new confirmed cases. Therefore, USJ 11 is still declared as an dengue fever epidemic area and it is not improving at all. Epidemic status is declared when there are more than one case in 2 weeks. In USJ 11, it has been like that for the past 17 weeks and this is serious. Nearly every other day, the enforcement officers have been compounding people whose premises are found to be breeding mosquitoes. Their hands are also tied as there in SS 19 is also an outbreak of dengue fever and they too have to pay attention to that area. Dr. Roslani of MPSJ has expressed his deep concern. He suggested that the residents must come together to set up multiple cell groups of 6-8 people and focus on eradicating it on a continuous basis. And the sad thing is that two days ago, the banner warning the residents or people in this vicinty was cut and left on the ground. "Is this a case of vandalism just because the banner is telling the truth? This shouldn't have happened. To that culprit, please stop it. Turn your anger on those pesky mosquitoes"

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    Mosquito control and integrated mosquito management

    There are two kinds of mosquito control: large, organized programs to reduce mosquito populations over a wide area, and actions an individual can take to control mosquitoes with respect to themselves and their own property.

    Organized mosquito control programs today draw on the principles of integrated pest management. An integrated mosquito control program typically includes the following measures, all guided by surveillance of mosquito populations and knowledge of the mosquito life cycle:

    a) source reduction - the removal of mosquito breeding habitats

    b) habitat modification - manipulating habitats to reduce breeding

    c) biocontrol - introducing natural predators of mosquitoes

    d) larvicide - using pesticides to reduce larval populations

    e) adulticide - using pesticides to reduce adult populations

    Since many mosquitoes breed in standing water, source reduction can be as simple as overturning an old tin can, or can be as complex as permanently draining marshes. Much source reduction is a matter of education. For example, homeowners can eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by removing unused plastic pools, old tires, or buckets; by clearing clogged gutters and repairing leaks around faucets; by regularly changing water in bird baths; and by filling or draining puddles, swampy areas, and tree stumps. Eliminating such mosquito breeding areas can be an extremely effective and permanent way to reduce mosquito populations without resorting to insecticides.


    Aedes Mosquitoes

    Adult Aedes feed day and night. They can be extremely annoying but do not transmit any important human diseases in Colorado. Aedes vexans is a fierce biter commonly associated with irrigated areas in Colorado but is known to travel many miles to feed. Snowpool Aedes, which develop in temporary ponds that result from snow melt, often are serious pests in the high country.

    Aedes wrigglers and pupae are found in temporary standing water or flood water. The adults lay eggs on wet soil left by receding waters. Eggs hatch when water returns during flooding or irrigation. Young wrigglers grow rapidly and complete their development and begin biting seven to 10 days after a flood. Adults may feed for two weeks or more, which is a typical life span of an average adult mosquito.

    At higher elevations, melting snow leaves small pools of water in the spring and early summer. Snowpool Aedes mosquitoes that have adapted to breed in snow-melt pools have one generation per year. Scattered and inaccessible breeding areas make control difficult. Snowpool mosquitoes can seriously affect recreational activities. At lower elevations, Aedes mosquitoes have several generations and occur throughout the warm months.

    control seepage,
    schedule water delivery to avoid excess watering,
    reduce or eliminate vegetation and debris in ditches and other water containment structures, and
    eliminate mosquito habitats in impoundments. Fill or drain water-holding areas, and fill or deepen shallow areas preferred by mosquito larvae.
    Natural Predators

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    Confirmed case as reported by the Health Dept in MPSJ is 64 for up to Week 20. It is increasing and USJ 11 is still considered an epidemic area for dengue. I wonder who has been dismantling a banner (fronting Jalan Tujuan next to the new kindergarten) in making people aware of the danger of dengue here. I overheard one of the residents that some of the residents do not want to publicise this to the whole world so this must be the work of these people. MPSJ has been putting it up everytime it is being torned down. What! You mean that this problem will cause their property price to fall or what.

    Monday May 15, 2006

    Dengue scare keeping residents indoors

    MPSJ health enforcement officers checking a pot for mosquito larvae during a house-to-house inspection in USJ 11. The area has been declared a dengue epidemic area.
    There used to be an advertisement on television several years ago featuring a commercial bank which used the tagline "Big, Strong and Friendly" .

    The finale of this advertisement which appeared somewhere in the 80s had a burly Sikh man in a smart security uniform giving the thumbs up on the bank's services and track record.

    It was reported later in the newspapers that the same man became a pale shadow of himself after he shed 40kgs having become a victim of dengue fever.

    The morale of the story is no matter how big, strong and healthy you are, a bite from an aedes mosquito could be torturous worst still deadly.

    Broaching the subject of dengue fever, I was surprised by what the epidemic could do to a vibrant, affluent neighbourhood like USJ 11 in Subang Jaya.

    You will not see children playing, housewives chatting or elderly folks taking a stroll here lately in fact one might think they are in a curfew zone when they enter this neighbourhood.

    Residents here comprising a good mix of politicians, businessmen, professionals and celebrities are literally "trapped" in their homes as they fear going out to avoid getting bitten by the aedes mosquito.

    The residents fears are understandable as so far 45 confirmed dengue cases were reported in USJ11 alone. Already 133 compounds were issued to residents of USJ 11 which was classified dengue epidemic for almost five months.

    Located adjacent to the Subang Jaya Municipal Council and the Taipan commercial area, it is hard to imagine the deserted scenario at USJ 11 which used to be a place bustling with activities.

    "People here are not taking chances. It appears we are only safe when we are within the confines of our own four walls. You hardly see any of the residents outside their houses during the early morning and late evening periods," said B. Vijayan who has been living in the area for the last 10 years.

    The dengue scare here is driving people nuts. Some have moved to relative's homes, a few well-off ones have even resorted to temporarily residing at hotels.

    The majority who chose to remain had to fork out a hefty bill to install mosquito netting for the whole house.

    There are also residents who had resorted to clothe themselves from head to toe when they are at home to minimise the chances of being bitten by mosquitoes.

    Others have avoided wearing dark colour clothing at home as studies reveal that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours.

    Why is this happening? What led the residents here to these desperate measures?

    Every time a residential area is declared a dengue epidemic zone, we can hear the authorities scream: "Keep your home clean. Clear the rubbish, importantly the empty cans, bottles, old tyres and containers. We will fine you"

    The Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) even went one step further. The council decided to take residents to court if their homes were found to be mosquito breeding areas.

    Under Section 23 of the Destruction of Disease-Bearing Insects Act 1975 (Amended 2000), residents could face a fine up to RM10,000 or two years jail or both for the first offence. Repeat offenders could face a fine up to RM50,000, five years jail or both.

    Apart from USJ 11, other dengue areas in the Klang Valley include SS 19, SS 14 and PJS 7 in Petaling Jaya, Seremban and Section 18, Shah Alam.

    It is embarrassing that the government has to remind the public now and then to keep their place clean for their own safety.

    On retrospect, it is hard to imagine that a household could decide to be clean and hygienic for one particular period and then suddenly neglect such good habits at another.

    The usual pattern is clearcut: your household is either kept clean and tidy or otherwise.

    Could there be other factors? Perhaps clogged drains or poor sanitation could also be contributing to the spread of dengue.

    Are the fogging exercises by the local governments working, perhaps a more effective method is required. Something that could penetrate indoors where most of the adult mosquitoes are comfortable breeding.

    It is time the local authorities and the public took stock of this warnings that dengue could strike anyone, anywhere and anytime.

    In other words a more concrete action plan is needed to fight dengue. The action plan must be affordable and practical and not cause people to live their lives in an unconventional and unthinkable manner such as the poor folks of USJ 11.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcyeoh
    Confirmed case as reported by the Health Dept in MPSJ is 64 for up to Week 20. It is increasing and USJ 11 is still considered an epidemic area for dengue. I wonder who has been dismantling a banner (fronting Jalan Tujuan next to the new kindergarten) in making people aware of the danger of dengue here. I overheard one of the residents that some of the residents do not want to publicise this to the whole world so this must be the work of these people. MPSJ has been putting it up everytime it is being torned down. What! You mean that this problem will cause their property price to fall or what.
    First of all congrats on your efforts. But I fear the efforts aer being thwarted by ignoramuses like the ones who are dismantling the banner. The entire community is being let down by these idiots.

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    What ever it is, normally once a month I would call MPSJ to spray at USJ4, and they have been doing it diligently...bravo to them….

    Unfortunately, some residents are not bothered to check on their own yard of the cleanliness….probably MPSJ should conduct spot-check on premises?!

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