The Gulf of Thailand, and maybe the Straits of Malacca too,
has just turned into another Bermuda Triangle.

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: the conspiracy theories.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370:
'Terror Attack Most Likely' says Aviation Expert.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370:
Passengers' Mobile Phones Ring But Not Answered.

'' According to, 19 families have signed a joint statement saying
that their family members' cell phones connected, but the calls hung up.
The relatives have asked Malaysia Airlines to reveal any information they
might be hiding, seeking an explanation for the eerie phone connections.
The relatives have complained that the Malaysina Airlines is not responding
as actively as it should.

Angry family members also threw water bottles at an MAS spokesman and
threatened to protest in front of the Malaysian embassy in China if the
airlines did not "disclose" the "truth". ''

A mystery at 35,000ft:
What caused Malaysia Airlines flight to vanish into thin air ?

'' Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 begins to demand
supernatural explanations. ''

Crowd-Sourcing Campaign Launched to Find Missing Jet.

'' U.S. satellite company calls on Internet users to assist in pouring over
images of Gulf of Thailand in search for lost flight. ''