Bandar Melayu in Subang
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    Bandar Melayu in Subang

    Read in lowyat forum about this. Using the area around the old airport in Subang
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    so??? bandar melayu already in existence as what they always wanted - as in Shah alam, bangi, bandar belum baru dll kota felda... nothing new. .besides bolehland is 60% melayu/bumiputra/indon/mamak/bangla already.. and will be 80%by next

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    Let’s take the example of Melaka, you guys may know a street called jalan hang tua. For decades, this is a special zone designed for handicapped frogs where they need special crutches to walk. Free shoplots, free stalls, free office premises were built and gave to them on a plate.... plus free money to "run" a business. No problem if business fails because when business fails it is an act of God. Can always redo the whole business processes again and again – free this, free that and even debt can also be freed !!

    Well, sometimes life works in a miraculous way…

    Just take a walk to this deserted jalan apanama hang tua and then compare with the prosperity in Jonger street, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Jalan Bunga Raya where the inhabitants & business operators are 99.9% crutches-free pendatang..

    Life is good and will always good for those who help themselves by themselves..

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