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From imoney.my, the top 10 highest paying jobs in Malaysia for year 2016

Rank Monthly Profession
1 RM70,000 Surgeon
2 RM70,000 Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
3 RM55,000 Marketing Director
4 RM52,917 Clinical Research Associate
5 RM50,000 Real Estate Brokers
6 RM40,111 Risk Management Director
7 RM30,000 Strategy Director
8 RM29,375 Pilot
9 RM29,083 Legal Services Director
10 RM27,000 Electric & Gas Operations Manager


Only the very good or those who have specialised can earn that much as monthly salary. The majority are way what was shown above and trapped in the Dual Income middle class... Even for the medic field, only the specialists can command that... many new and even old GPs in shop lot esp in the smaller towns are just 'kias pagi makan 3-7hari' (why do you think many had resorted to selling MCs and cough syrup?). Many do Not earn enough to zoom around in the latest BMW 5, let alone a shiny overpriced Ferrari.