Australia achieved impressive outcomes and ranked third overall based on measures of quality, equity, accessibility, efficiency, and attainment of long and healthy lives according to a recent U.S. study on health care performance of seven countries - Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States.

Australians are outliving most of the world. Australian life expectancy, at 84 years for females and 79 years for male, ranks third in the world.

While there are a number of contributing factors, e.g. lifestyle, environment, food safety, socioeconomic factors, occupational health and safety, a health system that works with accessibility based on needs is another important factor. Australia has all that.

In 2010-11, Australian health care expenditure amounted to $130 billion, an average of $5,800 per Australian. This is among the highest in OECD countries. The Commonwealth, state, territory and local governments accounted for 69% of the expenditure.