I have some credit cards and savings / current accounts with several banks so I key in all the customer service numbers into my phone for easy reference.

So, when i got a call from the bank, it appears on my phone. When I picked it up, there was a recorded voice message stating that I am 3 months overdue on my credit cards bills. I got shocked as my bills are paid on time all the time. And then the message told me to press "O" for customer service assistance.

I pressed the "O" and a Malay lady answered. She doesn't seem very professional and speaks almost no English and so we converse in Malay. According to her, I have this credit card (which I didn't apply for) is 3 months overdue. And so, she gave me the details of this card, the so-called address the overdue reminder letters were send to and some other details. She also told me that she will pass me to Bank Negara Malaysia's Fraud Dept or something.

When the line was passed to this "BNM", a Malay guy picked up and he doesn't seem to get me at all and the reception was very bad. I told him I want to make a report on an overdue credit card which I didn't apply for and that guy seemed lost.

I told that guy I will call my bank once more to rectify the matter first. Then, when I called the bank, they double confirmed that I didn't have any overdue credit cards and I didn't have any unauthorized credit cards to my name as well. Seems to be there is some form of fraud when the con man actually manages to use the actual bank's phone number to call victims.

So, I rectified my situation with the real customer service of the bank and got this on record just in case I get another call like this.

In the end, I would just like to inform the public that if you get a call and the number is listed as a legitimate bank contact number, the person on the other line might not be from the bank. Just be more cautious because the real bank people told me that they don't call customers for such matters.