Fukushima 2011 vs Kuantan????
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Thread: Fukushima 2011 vs Kuantan????

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    Fukushima 2011 vs Kuantan????

    Imagine this -My world at Gebeng Kuantan where Lynas is located with radioactivity waste material and should accident or act of God disaster occurs.

    Picture this - Japanís eerie ghost town, following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami which sparked a nuclear disaster that has left the area uninhabitable. The photo technology pieces together digital images captured by Google's camera-equipped vehicle and allows viewers to take virtual tours of locations. http://my.news.yahoo.com/photos/goog...729775890.html

    What sort of guarantee that this wont happen? especially we have had seen buildings from condo to stadium been collapsed, UFO objects falling out from building to railways construction sites?
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    The government will just blamed PR for the cause of it ... or maybe blame the guy who wanted to burn it down in the first place ... or maybe just blame anyone who sneezed too hard by it that day

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