Have you ever wish for a game like Tekken which you can play online with all your friends? Now
you can! Introducing the latest Casual MMO ARPG game by CiB Net Station, Zone4! Choose from
6 different characters each with their own story and learn the fighting style of your choice. Be it
Muay Thai or Judo, the fun is endless. Experience the PvP style of 4v4 or every man for his own.
Get ready for our Close Beta this coming March!

Game Introduction:

Zone 4 was once the premier fighting capital of the world where it held the famous Free Fighting
Championships (FFC), the world's most popular fighting competition formed by the renowned
martial arts legend known as Randy Heart. Over the years, it attracted the fiercest and most
dominant fighters from all over the globe, each hungry for blood, fame, and the recognition as the
next top fighter in the world.

However, it also attracted some of the most corrupt and evil fighters who were willing to do just
about whatever it takes to win. Soon, the FFC ran rampant with drug use, cheating, match-fixing,
and gambling, leading to mysterious disappearances and the deaths of some of the world's top fighters.

Zone4, once a proud destination for fair, unbiased competitive fighting quickly became a district
overrun by the most corrupt fighters and gangs. But there are those who are banding together to
fight back, to gain back the respected reputation that the district once had, and to restore peace
in Zone4.

Zone4 Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/cibmall.Zone4