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Wow! You got to tell us more! Drop some hints. We know you are good at concocting names for whatever occasion and for every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, Ah Lian and Kadalee too. Hints! Please.
Though I dun have to follow the buyers all the way to know where they are from. I just got to ask leading questions like a detective -

Me "walau eh, tak manyak stok hari ini. Dan pun tak berapa segar. Ayam pun sudah jadi mati kedua kali.( chicken turned greenish and slimy. )

Buyer " You tak mahu ke? kalau tak mahu , bagi saya. "

Me "Ok...sudah pun malam dan penat nak bersih ayam ayam ini. Lagi pun, sudah berbau.

Buyer " betullah. Mesti tambah lagi manyak serbuk kari bagi lebih pedas dan serbuk Ajinomutu. Tapi ayam ini murah. Kalau beli segar kena bayar RM6.00 kg. Ini aje Rm2 seekor.

We talked about the rising prices of cow's milk to bullish market of rising veggies until I said I going for a teh tarik supper before heading home. He offered me for a treat at his 24 hours shop. Maybe not me but the Filipina worker who was with me.

Me - Mana you punya kedai?

Buyer - dekat aje. 15 minit dari sini. You belok selepas trafik...... disebelah ada China, India, Melayu Bank, terus pergi di hujung jalan.

The hints all there - it maybe usj or sj outlet where it is within 15 minit drive from Sah Alam supermarket outlet.

But I can tell you this - if the ayam rendang texture is soggy and taste more spicy than ever, well, it might be this outlet where they are buying from Pesco.