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    Quote Originally Posted by currymee View Post
    Got meh ? I am interested if they have, cannot find info on their websites, care to provide info source, thanks
    Hi, someone from Astro called regarding the package which is offered to Astro customers.

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    So?..Maxis seem cheaper, TM Unifi is more expensive. Your choice.. many people are concerned with price, as with any other purchase.

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    If you guys want to seriously compare this kind of services, do drop by It has this table of comparisons ... pretty good ... accuracy is pretty good as well because they do update it frequent enough ...

    And I am using a RM 150 per month UniFI. Reason being, I didn't like quotas and when I was looking for a good broadband , almost every broadband provider has some kind of quota ... except for UniFi. Have been using it for 6 months now and it is pretty good for downloading movies and stuff ...

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