From: [] On Behalf Of Michael Leong
Sent: Tuesday, 18 September, 2012 11:55 AM
Subject: SJ Alert EMS Car Robbery along USJ 3/4L on Tuesday 18th Sept 2012 at 8.00am

Hi all,

I just heard from my neighbors that on the mention road there is a robbery happen just 8am this morning. The owner let the bro, whom she wanted to bring him for repeat consultation after stroke, sit in the car as she went to take something in the house. When she come out 4 men (believe to be Indian) held her with parang and drove the car blue Hyundai Sonata away with the bro still inside.
The neighbor comes out when she screams, they saw a Black Myvi with 2 black (believe to be Indian) fellows inside sped away.
Please becareful when you let your car running while you go inside. Do not think it is safe to do so.
I think they are circulating around looking for coincidence cases because it is not a really a planned type. As tg family did not talk to others neighbors a lot.