USJ12 Attempted Break-in, Silver Vios.
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Thread: USJ12 Attempted Break-in, Silver Vios.

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    USJ12 Attempted Break-in, Silver Vios.

    Hi All,

    According to my neighbour, there is 2 chinese guy in a silver vios attempted to break into my house, nicely dressed. Please keep an eye on suspicous car ronda ronda around USJ12 during the office hours. My auto gate was forcefully pull open. Small gap just enough for 1 people to slide thru. Luckily my neighbour came back and when they saw him, they rush off.

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    It would be good if the following information could be given in order for the report to be complete

    Type of Crime: Attempted Breakin
    Place where Crime took place: USJ/12/?????
    Date and Time: 28/08/2012 at ??????
    Other information if possible:

    Such information would be useful to Residents who live in the same vicinity and also for residents of other Taman.
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