From: [] On Behalf Of Johan Abdullah
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2012 1:14 AM
Subject: SJ Alert EMS House Break along SS17/2L on Wednesday 22/08/2012 between 8-11pm

My house on SS17/2L was broken into yesterday night between 8pm and 11pm. Police informed that another house on SS17/3B (?) was also broken into at the same time and possibility of the same robbers as the tooling mark is the same. They broke the kitchen grill and entered, ransacked the house and stole 2 notebooks but left other things like camera etc.

After reading of so many reports, I am now a statistic as well. :-( The worst feeling is being violated.

Police response was quick upon reporting the incident and everything done well this time. Thank You to Subang Jaya police.