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Thread: Peugeot 408

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    Peugeot 408

    I am planning to buy the peugeot 408. any forumer got any review / experience abt peugeot car to share? i keep hearing that the batttery dies off within a year and spare parts are hard to get s'times. any comment ?

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    I test drove both 2.0NA and 1.6THP 408s last mth. To be on the safe side better get the 2.0NA, rm109k and minus the well known problematic knocking sound/ gearbox issue on the THP engine. Comfort wise is ok, with great legroom at the back as well and giant storage capacity. However, looks ugly esp the rear. Anyway, cheapest and most spacious C segment conti car around. If you like hatchbacks, wait for the Ford Focus 2.0 launching nx mth. Tested it 2 wks ago. Great ride/handling and well equiped. Other c segment cars ie. Civic, Elantra, Mazda3, Forte etc..all tested, i would say 408 would be a good buy at a great price.

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