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Thread: wanna do a bit to feed 'em?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adelyn View Post
    Hi tupai,

    Are you still feeding the dogs over there?
    Unless I am travelling outta town etc

    Yup....after 3-4pm every Monday, Weds & Friday... I reckon people have more free time on sat & sunday...So, I stay away.

    Somehow, today only 3 blackies turned up.1 back mummy is again preggy...Yes, they are still whistle trained.

    Methink the rest went gallivanting somewhere.
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    Okay, that's what's happening there. Once I passed by and saw a bunch of dogs and a man nearby. This explains it. I would be happier too if they are CNR and wanna contribute if $$ is needed for them. Now that I know, I will put some dry food in the car and feed them when I pass by. Kesian though...scared the stupid council come shoot shoot if can't catch em. There's this conscience that they may live longer and be safe if caught and neutered and then maybe...fostered. But I understand, that they are free and happy and together now. Alas, if only Msia is a doggy friendly country... I really appreciate the good you guys/gals are doing for the dogs. 2 thumbs up! Clap! Clap! Clap!
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