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Thread: Dog Nappers

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    Dog Nappers

    We have heard of kidnappers ...ever heard of dog-nappers ? Dogs do constantly go missing in USJ / SJ areas .... How do I know this ? Through the missing dog posters .... Please don't get me wrong ... my dog went missing for a couple of days too ... He squeezed thru the gate and went wondering up to 1KM away ... Luckily, the person who found him took good care of him and actually printed "Dog Found" posters around the neighbourhood ...

    Back to the dog-napper issue ... Surely, dogs don't missing on their own if they can help it ... Why would they leave their nice house and owners ? Unless, they are being forced too .... I have heard of stories of certain people ( who are residents in USJ 3 ) that drives around looking for dogs ( pedigree or otherwise ) and simply kidnaps the dog .... Worse case is , they would actually lure the dog to the gate or wall and grab the dog away !!

    Sounds a little like urban legends ? But the fact is there ... Dogs do go missing and I don't think it is such a simple issue of dogs squeezing through the main gate ...

    Anyway, the gate has been reinforced with extra bars to prevent any kidnapping of my dogs ..... and my dogs spend most of their time in the house .... Better safe than sorry ...

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    The demand for pedigree dogs is high. So this criminals can make quite a handsome amount of money. Looks the those commercial pet shop selling pedigree dogs? So expensive... price ranges to a couple of thousand of ringgits. In todays materialistic world, having pedigree dogs has become another form of status and showing off. That's why this people who kidnap the dogs can easily sell of these dogs because the high demand is there for it....

    For genuine pet lovers.... Love Knows No Pedigree!

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    Some of those dogs just get lost, and it's people who don't help who make sure they stay lost.

    I found a Chihuahua in front of my garden about a year ago. He was dodging traffic and getting into trouble. I chased him down, scooped him up, and walked to the end of my road, and the 5 roads next to ours, asking everyone if they knew this little dog. Everyone said they'd never seen him before.

    I called the vets and the grooming salons in our area to tell them that IF someone called about a lost Chihuahua to call me. I then put the dog in my big cat carrier and set him in the shade outside where anyone walking by could see him.

    About 2 hours later a girl walked up the road, calling for her pet, and looking a bit tearful. Happy reunion and so on, BUT I discovered I had spoken to both her next door neighbours and the people across the street from her, and they all claimed never to have seen the dog. And yet he plays in the garden every night.

    Now that I go for regular walks, I've spotted him several times. The ungrateful little fellow always barks at me :-)

    But hey, can you believe that her neighbours, the people who live next door to her, didn't recognise that pet? I don't. And I bet that isn't an isolated incident.

    If I had lived a little further away, and if I didn't have the space to showcase my furry friend in the front garden, she wouldn't have seen him, I would have eventually rehomed that little dog, and that poor girl probably would have thought he'd been dog-napped.

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