House robbery along USJ 2/4 on Sunday 04/03/2012 at 4.45pm
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Thread: House robbery along USJ 2/4 on Sunday 04/03/2012 at 4.45pm

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    House robbery along USJ 2/4 on Sunday 04/03/2012 at 4.45pm

    This evening (Sunday 04/03/2012)around while having my tea in my house wet kitchen, noted a Malay youth around age 23 to 25, neatly dressed in white shirt tucked to his white pant walking at the back yard to and fro twice.
    At 4.50 pm I went to the hall to read papers, and saw this youth walking into my immediate neighbour's house whose gate was widely open, also noted a Indian youth around 22 to 25 a bit shabby looking was seated on a m/cycle looking very cool. Since my neighbour's hous is rented out to more than half dozen bachelor/boys and girls, it was a norm for such visitors.
    Suddendly at 5.05 pm heard room doors been banged and screaming, I rushed out with my self made baton and saw the Malay youth who had earlier walked behind my house was running out to-gether with the Indian youth on the m/cycle seeing me rushing bolted off dropping a lot of 50 cent coins on the road. From ouside I was calling for the tenants, and finally after 10 mins 2 segi college girls came out in fear and panic, they told they were robbed.
    Called USJ hot line 019-3228226 three guards and RA chief came within minutes. Good and fast on the guards. Later called Taipan police who came to do the needful.
    What was sad 2 young male tenants were in but they too were blank. Things stolen I was told Lap top, coin box and some petty cash. This cool robber just walked just tru gate and open the main door. It was closed but not locked.
    This house no XX USJ 2/4 on 2 occassion's were told by VOLUNTEER patrol to keep their gate and door locked. Their good advise fell into deaf years. Pls. keep your gates closed and locked at all times
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    luckily for those 2 girls, the robbers didn't do anything else .... like taking more than money and the lap top ....

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