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Thread: Unit Pengambilan Khas Pelajar - Is this a scam?

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    Unit Pengambilan Khas Pelajar - Is this a scam?

    This is probably a scam and con job. Received the postcard by post yesterday, checked with my son and he said that he did not apply. He said if it is from the ministry it will come in a envelope marked ‘Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda’ and not just in a simple postcard and ask to call people on the hand phone. This is something that I missed.

    Further checking on the internet revealed that it is a company so called ‘approved’ by the government to get places for students in IPT through interviews with a fee – RM650. You can check this out - All the gomen logos are displayed.

    I am just surprised as to how they managed to get the data of our students. Imagine how much $$$$ the company will be racking in from desparate students. img003.jpgimg004.jpg

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    The company does not even have a proper domain name but have to rely on free blog sites? RUUUUNNNNN!

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    suckers are born everyday! So, it is a sin to allow suckers to keep their hard earned your part.

    A sucker story:
    There is this guy who used to make lot$a money selling his version of UPSR, PMR, STPM 'leaked' questionaires! Parents will come knocking at his house gate even at midnite to buy minimum RM300/subject!

    He was rolling in ca$h during exam time...His source of leaked questions? >>>>Oops! I cant disclose for it is a shared 'trade secret'...Suffice to say that this bloke is not exactly a smart cookie, but just a think outta box entrepreneur, WITHOUT any kementerian connection!

    Yang Ada Berita TIU xlatotupai
    in luv with lust with AphroditeS AWAS! Suspek is an Avid procurer to myths, lies, legends, folklores, i-ching, rumors, misinformation, cakap-ayam, spɹoʍ uʍop ǝpısdn puɐ˙˙DLL .
    p/s Take all the above with a XL salted duck egg, wash down with 2fingers of sodium hypochoride, and suck on to a pebble size tmn negara Rock salt

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    New schemes are being dreamt up everyday to scam money. Just visited my pharmacist friend at UMMC. At UMMC they have a limited choice of drugs that are given free to govt servants and pensioners. So anything other than that; they have to pay first and claim back from JPA. So UMMC proposed to JPA to give them a certain sum to cover this; to be topped up as they are used up. Of course with proper documentation given to JPA on a regular basis. Instead JPA wants the govt servants and pensioners to use a "claim-processing" company to handle their claims. What a load of rubbish!

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