From: Terry Yeap, Head (Card Division) []
Sent: Friday, 10 February, 2012 10:54 AM
Subject: Guard was attacked Taman Perindustrian TP 1

Hi, Robert.

This is to follow up on recent incidents, which involved G&G security guardsafety. It happend last month, and PDRM has been informed.

At about 3.10am, 31st Jan 2012, eight (8) Indians in a Blue Proton Saga bearing reg. no. WWE 4310 drove in to our taman thru the unblocked exit path towards an unoccupied renovated house (1 TP1/1), the guard from 1/1 immediately rode his bicycle to check. On arriving the site, the guard saw some has entered into the ungated renovated house, on questioning what are they doing, the suspects attacked the guard with motorcycle crash helmets injuring him on his face. The guard from TP1/4 came over to investigate and was also attacked but managed to escape with slight injuries when they threw the crash helmet at him hitting his leg. The incident has been reported to the Police and is now being investigated.