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Thread: Still think of ordering water from restaurant?

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    Still think of ordering water from restaurant?

    Here's today's story.

    I've been all the time "don't order drinking water, bring your own or drink just a lil later on, way after some meal". for years and I think I have saved quite a sum if I were being calculative.
    Paying high price is one thing, can you be sure its a perfect glass of water or contamination free glass delivered to you? Of course its subjective, here in Malaysia, restaurant hygiene is always suspect for as long as I know.
    Feel free to comment further to the papers story.

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    Water is water. We complain about price of water but water is the most healthy drink. You complain because cost of water is low, cheap. And they sell it at much higher price than the cost of water. What about other drink. It is more expensive than water. But is it healthier than water ? With so much sugar put into drinks nowadays, it is doubtful. Plain warm water is the best.

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