From: Alan Chin []
Sent: Thursday, 29 December, 2011 5:14 PM
Subject: Fast and furious.

Dear All,

I just heard from a friend of mine telling that he was robbed of a gold necklace while getting into the car after filling up at the SS19 petrol kiosk last monday (boxing day).
Funny thing is that he knew the guy was in front of his car and he thought that guy was waiting for him to fill-up so that he can used the pump after that.
And my friend told me that this guy must have modified his bike silencer, it was so silence he dont even realise the bike was already behind him when he was openning the car door and the next thing my friend know before even getting into the car was, that guy hand has already pull off his necklace.
It happen very fast and well planned, according to my friend, because immediately after the incident he saw a few motorcycle also leaving the kiosk.