My joy to share with you my humble guitar lessons teaching materials


Book 1 - Featuring 50 songs in simple melody line that will help beginners to build up their finger strength, skill and flexibility. Most important is, this is a booster to bring up personal interest in learning guitar as every songs is achievable. Most instructors will probably start with chords and strumming with 'On-The-Spot' hand writing notes but with this book, students will be able to pick up 5 to 10 songs every week.

Book 2 - This book will lead you to the world of fingerstyle as you explore into 20 songs such as Right Here Waiting, Lao Shu Ai Da Mi, Tong Hua and so on in unique fingerstyle arrangements. If you can make a point to learn 2 songs every lessons, we can complete this within 2 months

Book 3 - A collections of 20 fun-learning classical songs. This book will challenge your skill, speed and also expressions. Pop songs will keep you entertained but Classical songs will help you to be skillful.

Book 4 - It is always my desire to share this wonderful gift of music with everyone. God bless me with the ability to play Gospel music in fingerstyle, this book will show you 20 Gospel songs in fingerstyle properly printed in standard notations and tablature.