At about 9.30 am this morning, our eContractor of Subang Jaya, Alan Cheng sensed that something was not right when he saw a 5ft 8in fair Indian with a moustache coolly walked out from a house. The man was heading for his getaway vehicle which is a fairly new Cupcai. Clutched in his left hand is a bag which looked very familar to Alan. More to that, the guy didn't resemble any of his workers he has hired. And that house is not his either. Not knowing that he has just walked out of the house in Jalan USJ 6/6 which is currently being renovated by Alan, he behaved as if he was leaving for work. The moment he mounted his bike and ready to take off, Alan sprung into action. In his haste, he just grabbed a bar on the bike and screamed for reinforcement. His workers who were busy inside came to his aid. He was expecting one of them to rain blows on this guy. But everything seemed to freeze in a time warp. The workers stood in their tracks. Not a finger, not even the middle one was raised. Sensing that the situation was in his favour, the guy threw away the bag, gave a final push and off he went like Kimi Raikkonen. Though I am in PJ, I could hear Alan cursing. He also kicked himself for not noting the bike's number plate. In his excitement he only remember a 8 and a 5 and totally forget his ABC. I believe he is now doing a postmortem on what went wrong. But what I know is he can't touch his workers. Their scope of work do not include whacking thieves and robbers. Too bad. But the next best thing he did was to call me to tell this story to you.