Well said, I am sure that most of the forumers here whio are posting are not pursuing politics as a career or do it with fears or favours. Our agenda is clear - we have tolerate so much rubbish of spinning from the Gomen and it is the duty of rakyat to voice our discontent if there is abuse of power or allegation of corruption.
Just imagine those people who were in the 0709, getting risked of getting bombed and gassed. Even here where forumers get banana for being out of line like me. I may be mean but not out disrespect to the thread but sometimes cannot help it but the least I could do is Komen the Gomen when they go out of line.

With Yell Ow theme threads being locked or removed, still sometimes I can hardly blame the plantation manager for doing it to protect overall interest from flea market to photography, book x change to blood donation drive. Sometimes he do it, sometimes he dont. After all, he just got one big eye.

As for the latest banana for being the hijacker in the usj27 thread, I akui salah and deserved the yellow ripen banana as I was like a pussy cat sniffing around and saw the "fish". I am suffering now the usj.com banana but gonna to enjoy EMAS banana split treat from usj27 resident personally