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Thread: Muhyiddin on mission to woo billionaires

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    Muhyiddin on mission to woo billionaires

    All sort of terms and conditions and obstacles are set to push away local investors, then trying hard to attract foreigners.

    (BTW, the statement
    " In 2008, Malaysian businessmen invested US$29bil (RM92bil) in the republic compared with US$84mil (RM265mil) by the Indonesians.",
    what does it means in English?)

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    Most of the indon billionaires are chinaman with an indon name and they speak mandarin privately but in public they are flag carrying indons. I dont know if our no 2 is aware of that, They are also very close knit and all of them have tons of money in spore and i dont think they trust the tuan gomen that we have here. Used to work over there so i know how some of them think and work. They would rather put their monies in spore (because of proximity ) and also hong kong. At one time a survey was done and there was 18000, yes 18 thousand indonesians who had more than a million sing dollars in singapore. Of course there are those who have more , much more. My x boss family stays in spore together with all his brothers wives and all their children study in spore and they fly from jakarta to spore weekly to their condos in singapore and all of them have at least one condo in spore and thats just one wealthy family.

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    hahahahah...billionaire sugarking pendatang robert aledy cabut leow, so smelling around the indonesia pendatang farts are sweeter now??

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